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STEP 1: Start by covering the floor with a dust sheet and if necessary, tape all the areas off with masking tape.

STEP 2: Remove any loose or damaged pieces of plaster and scrape off any flaking paint with a scraper.

STEP 3: Mix the Dulux Stucco filler thoroughly on a mortar board before you apply it to the wall with a wide filling knife in one smooth movement. Consult the pack for information on drying times.

STEP 4: After drying, if there is texture to the filler then lightly smooth the surface with a sanding paper.

STEP 5: Clean the wall with wet sponge to remove the loose dust on the wall and wipe dry with a dry cloth.

STEP 6: Start painting by using a small brush or paint roller on the repaired area before using a large roller to paint the complete wall with your chosen Dulux Premium Emulsion. Apply 2 coats and consult the can for information on drying times between coats.

STEP 7: Finally remove the dust sheets and enjoy your freshly repaired and painted wall.

If the wall hasn’t been painted before, use a primer to seal the wall and ensure the paint has a nice surface to stick to. Include this step between steps 2 and 3 as mentioned above.

The above steps are only for quick reference for those interested in painting their walls without external help. Lapizblue (or any of its affiliates) bears no responsibility or liability for losses due to damage or injury caused during the painting activity.