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Every Jobsite has its own challenges. Our extensive line of Mapei products will ensure that your project is covered regardless of its requirements.




Treatment of concrete while casting with properly selected form release agents and curing compounds saves efforts and costs in further stages of work, along to selected specialty chemicals for primers and bonding It works by removing loose and friable parts, surface contaminants, opens up surface porosity and roughen the surface. This method is ideal before broadcasting and self-levelling systems, resin mortar screed and CPU systems subject to medium to high traffic exposure



Lapiz Offers solutions for the protection and repair of concrete, offering reliability and durability to perform as your technical adviser in all repair and restoration processes. It’s a process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling



Precision is the name of the game in grouting, both epoxy and cement based grouting at Lapiz Blue presents precision grouting, flowable, shrinkage compensated products with high strengths.. It is typically used for filling voids under machines or other structural elements, sealing joints and openings in surfaces and reinforcing existing structures.



Lapiz Blue providing various product systems to carry out secure water proofing work, such as the range of cementitious and acrylic waterproofing products for terraces, balconies,bathrooms,road joists,basins and storage tanks,Bentonite sheets, cementitious products and bitumen emulsions.



Lapiz Blue provides industrial floor systems they are durable, functional and quick to install. Developed with the latest technology, our commercial industrial flooring systems meet high-performance requirements of such sites as manufacturing facilities for food and pharmaceuticals, laboratories, storage facilities and distribution centers, aircraft hangars and anywhere industrial floor systems are needed.



Lapiz Blue offers a wide range of sealants made from various types of polymers, each one characterized by specific performance characteristics in terms of elasticity, and resistance to stresses and loads for all types of site conditionsThe main function of sealants is to seal these joints to prevent entry of unwanted substances such as dirt and liquids. They are also used for sealing penetrations, and to fill gaps and cracks in facades for weatherproofing and/or aesthetics purposes.



Lapiz Blue offers wide range of adhesive and grouts.cementatitios and reactive adhesive.Adhesive is the “glue” that secures your tiles to the floor or wall. Grout is the filler used to make those neat “lines” between each of your tiles. Choosing The Right Tile Grout Is Essential To Ensure A Long-Lasting Installation.



Lapiz Blue provides wall protective and decorative coatings offer high quality finishes to protect and decorate internal and external surfaces. Protection from all types of scratches and swirl marks. Protection from water spotting.



Lapiz provides numerous products, including mortars for repairing, skimming and protecting concrete, epoxy mortars and systems for structural bonds, products for crack injection and products for making anchor points.


Mapei is an active member of the US Green Building Council, participating in its environmental programmes, and is involved with the United Arab Emirate branch (EGBC)

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Exploring Mapei Solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Mapei Construction Chemicals (MCC) has announced that is has supplied eco-sustainable products to more that 55 pavillions, 16 zones and 60 areas across EXPO 2020Dubai. In total, the firm said it has supplied over 8,000 tonnes of materials to the event.

Your Trusted Partner for Mapei Construction Chemicals

We’re here to help you achieve your construction goals with premium Mapei construction chemicals and exceptional service. When it comes to construction projects, quality is paramount. The strength, security, and aesthetic appeal of the structure are significantly influenced by the materials you employ. As a result, investing in high-quality construction chemicals that meet your specific requirements is vital. As a leading supplier and distributor of superior construction materials in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, LapizBlue offers a diverse range of high-quality products, including Mapei construction chemicals.

Lapiz Blue : Your Trusted Mapei Supplier in Dubai

Mapei is one of our most sought-after brands and a name synonymous with top-of-the-line construction chemicals. As a pre-eminent Mapei supplier in Dubai, we present an extensive array of Mapei materials that cater to all of your building necessities. Our line of Mapei products includes a variety of Mapei construction chemicals, including grout, Mapei concrete repair products, Mapei waterproofing products, maintenance and cleaning products, Mapei tile adhesives, industrial and decorative flooring, and many more products which are crafted using top-quality materials and designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction.

Enhancing Construction Projects with Mapei Tile Adhesives and Grout

Whether you are a contractor, architect, or DIY enthusiast, we have the right Mapei construction chemicals that are designed to enhance the performance and durability of the concrete, mortar, and grout used in your construction projects. Our Mapei Ultracolor Plus and Kerapoxy grout is offered in a variety of colors and formulations to match your preferences and ensure that your tiles stay in place for years to come. We also offer Mapei waterproofing products such as Mapelastic Smart to protect your investment and keep your building dry, even in the most challenging environments.

Functional and Aesthetic Flooring with Mapei Epoxy and Cementitious Solutions

We believe that flooring should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we offer Mapei epoxy and cementitious flooring, which provides an excellent choice for commercial and industrial flooring applications. Our Mapei epoxy flooring is designed to withstand high traffic, resist chemicals, and offer a slip-resistant surface, adding both beauty and functionality to your space.

Achieving Flawless Tiling Projects with Premium Mapei Tile Grout

We recognize the importance of achieving a flawless finish in any tiling project. That’s why our extensive selection of premium Mapei grout products as we one of the top-rated are mapei grout suppliers expertly designed to fill the gaps between tiles and other surfaces, resulting in a smooth and clean appearance. Our Mapei grout products are meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality, durability, and versatility, ensuring that your tiling project looks stunning and lasts for years to come. No matter if you’re tiling a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, our Mapei grout products are perfect for any application, providing the flawless finish your project deserves.

Revitalizing Surfaces with Mapei Concrete Repair Products

If you’re someone who is tired of looking at those unsightly cracks in your concrete surfaces? Say no more! We’ve got you covered with our Mapei concrete repair products that will give you a smooth finish that will make your concrete surfaces look as good as new! Our concrete repair products come in a variety of formulations, allowing you to choose the right one for your specific application, whether it’s a small crack or a large damaged area.

Safeguarding Buildings with Mapei Waterproofing Solutions

Safeguarding your building against water damage has never been easy. Don’t let the thought of pesky moisture dampen your spirits. Instead, turn to our Mapei waterproofing solutions. Our sealants, coatings, and waterproofing membranes are designed to form a sturdy wall against water entry, protecting your structure from the damaging effects of moisture. With our reliable and durable products, you can say goodbye to structural problems, mould growth, and mildew, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and sound.

Your Authorized Distributor for Mapei Solutions

Choosing the right Mapei tile adhesive is crucial to ensure your tiles and stones stay put for the long haul. Want to fix some fancy tiles to your walls or floors? We’ve got just the right Mapei tile adhesive formulations to help you achieve your design dreams. From small Ceramic tiles to large format tiles as well as natural stone, our adhesive products aren’t just functional, they’re also easy to use and super fun to work with. Choose from a variety of formulations and let the tile magic begin!

As a distinguished supplier and distributor of premium construction chemicals in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, LapizBlue takes great pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and all of UAE and beyond, our discerning clientele spans the globe, comprising over 2800 valuable customers who trust us to provide the highest quality materials.

Contact us today to learn more about our Mapei construction materials in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and how we can help you elevate your building projects to new heights.

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